Sales.  The life blood of any business.  Knowing your clients individual challenges can help you grow safely with them.

Our tools help you grow sales through credit. 

Your sales team may 

stop calling credit

The Sales Prevention Department



Do you really know your customer?

Insolvencies happen every day, for reasons you can't see coming... 

Antitrust lawsuits. A chemical spill that cut off water supplies to Virginians, The Pink Slime Blog Story picked up by the NY Times, etc............. Unexpected events such as these took down Target Canada, Golden Gurnsey Dairy, AFA Foods, Owens Corning, and hundreds more. 

What impact would an unexpected loss have on your company?




Your business is growing like crazy, and your bank can't seem provide  enough working capital to fuel the growth.  We can help, just like we have helped hundreds, including 27 companies that made Milwaukee's Future 50 list, an award for the fast growing businesses in Southeast Wisconsin.

We Offer:

Your Customers Always Pay....

Until They Don't

Did you know you can insure against a customer bankruptcy or simple nonpayment?
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Catalina Marketing (Dec 12, 2018)  Tasked with helping brands sell more......  Aggressive acquisitions did them in

Recent Notable Bankruptcies

Gymboree (Jan 17, 2019)  Online Retailers destroyed their business model... future, very much in the air

Westmoreland Coal Company  (Oct, 2018) If Coal and Coal Energy Companies Can't Make it, who can? 
Waypoint Leasing Company  (Nov 25, 2018)  Are all George Soros & Michael Dell held companies big credit risks?  

Sears - Kmart - Toys R Us - Bi-LO - Winn Dixie - Weinstein Company (as in Harvey)

Clear Channel / i-heart Media - American Tire Distributors - 1800-Mattress - Bon-Ton / Boston Store

Shopko (Jan 16, 2019) Aother in long line of retailers.......  Is there a future for them?

9071 U.S. Companies Filed Bankrupty in 2018, average of 175 a week

How many in 2019?       Will Your Customer Be Next?