Sales are the life blood of any business.  Knowing your clients individual challenges can help you safely grow with them.  Our growth tools help you grow sales thru credit. 

Your sales team may even stop calling credit the

"Department of Sales Prevention"


Do you really know your customer?  Insolvencies happen every day, for reasons you can't see coming......  Antitrust lawsuits. A chemical spill that cut off water supplies to Virginians, The Pink Slime Blog picked up by NY Times, etc............... These unexpected events took down companies such as Target Canada, Golden Gurnsey Dairy, AFA Foods, Owens Corning..... and hundreds more.  Protecing your company from the unexpected loss - ensuring your company suvives.


Your business is growing like crazy, and your bank can't seem provide you enough working capital to fuel the growth.  We can help, just like we have helped hundreds, including 27 companies that made Milwaukee's Future 50 list, a list of fast growing businesses in Southeast Wisconsin. 

We Offer:

Your customers always Pay .......

Until they don't.

Did you know you can insure against non-payment or bankruptcy?
Crescendo Trade is Wisconsin's only specialty trade credit insurance brokerage, based in Metro Milwaukee
The largest, most volatile asset on your balance sheet is your Accounts Receivable.  It's also your only uninsured asset, and the asset most closely tied to cash flow.
  • Trade Credit Insurance
  • Asset Based Lending
  • A/R puts

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Golfsmith (Sept 16, 2016)  Are stand alone golf retailers a thing of the past?

So Who's next?  Sears?  Any Metal Processors?  Volkswagen

(Billions inf fines already levied)?  Which is the next Energy related failure?  7 of the 10 largest bankruptcies in 2016 were in the energy sector.  Which Way will the  dominos fall?

Recent  Notable Insolvencies..........

Avaya, Inc (Jan 19, 2017)  Telecomuniucations Giant Files Chapter 11, future is uncertain  

The Limited (Jan 17, 2017)  Unsecured Creditors likey to see nothing, Secured Creditors thank them for the donation

AstroTurf  (June 28, 2016) Synthetic Grass maker Enters Chapter 11 following a $30 million patent fight loss. 
The Sports Authority  (March 2, 2016)  The Sprorting Goods retailer originally planned to close only 1/3 of it's stores, but converted to liquidation in May of 2016 after not finding sufficient post bankruptcy funding